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Behind the scenes of the European Parliament

“Behind the scenes of the European Parliament” consists of 11 chapters filled with important and very interesting topics to international readers. In addition to the key issues such as the EU budget and further European integration, there are other parts about the everyday life of the European Parliament. Full of great humor and spirit, the book portrays different, often unknown side of this European institution.

The author “presents” the book, in a literal sense, as it is also published, as a free ebook, available for download here

Lidia Geringer de Oedenberg invites her readers for a journey to places, where citizens' interests, finances and EU's future converge. There are numerous controversial issues revealed - such as ACTA negotiations, voting manipulations or lobbyists' activities. It is an unconventional tale about the work of the European Parliament - its mysteries, behind the scenes and most importantly - about the role of a united Europe.

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